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In our line of articles on prefabricated chalets (see prefabricated log cabins and modern, 4 types of prefabricated buildings) we present a selection of small cottages that are out of the ordinary. Mostly Known as cabins, these small cottages present a concept as beautiful as functional. Given their small size, the interior space is thought to maximize comfort and storage for everyday life. In addition, they generally have very little impact on the environment since they require only a minimum of foundations.


The ecoPerch model is created by the British company Blue Forest. This company is specialized in the manufacture of houses in high quality trees. In addition to this playful side, they also build cottages and summer houses designed to integrate into nature by maximizing the exchanges between the inside and the outside. It is possible to place ecoPerch on the ground as well as in the trees.

Source: Blue Forest


It is after several years of work that the company FinCube created this eponymous model. This chalet has been conceptualized so as not to detonate whatever the environment in which it is deposited. The natural materials of which it is made create a perfect harmony with nature when viewed from the outside, and nature is part of the scenery when one is inside. This small chalet has almost no environmental impact since it only needs 4 foundation pillars to be put in place. In addition, the owner has the opportunity to use his roof to put solar panels or to make a green roof.

Source: FinCube

Mini house

The name of this small chalet is a product of a collaboration between two Swedish architects and is quite evocative. As we can see, the creators have preferred to rely on sustainable manufacturing made of quality materials, with a style returning to the time of craftsmanship, while paying particular attention to details which gives it a more contemporary touch. Module manufacturing makes it easy to transport the Mini House by truck or boat, allowing you to drop it wherever you want.

Source: Mini House

Seelenkiste - Spirit Shelter

Spirit Shelter, or Seelenkiste in German, is the result of the work of three students from Bauhaus University in Germany. It is a habitable dwelling by a person who is divided into three sections placed on the vertical. At the first level we find a small kitchenette and recessed dining table, at mid-level we find the bed that is to be the extension located at the back and finally at the top we find a workspace and study. The opening panels were created to make a communion with nature and inspire to meditation.

Source: Allergutendinge

Signal Shed

Signal Shed is the product of a collaboration between designer Ryan Lingard and Morrow and Sons Construction. Located in Oregon, this small cottage has been designed to allow great access to the outdoors while minimizing its impact on the environment. Signal Shed opens almost entirely during warm seasons to feel outside, but is very safe when closed for long periods. The original project was made from recycled materials, but it is now possible to get a prefab.

Source: Adventure journal


Cottage rentals


Cottage: L'Oasis

St-Calixte, Lanaudiere

St-Calixte Lanaudiere Canada
/ 7 nights
/ 5 nights
Le Bois de Pin

Cottage: Le Bois de Pin

Lac-des-Plages, Outaouais

Lac-des-Plages Outaouais Canada
5 / 5
/ 7 nights
/ 2 nights
La Maison Ricard [1835]

Cottage: La Maison Ricard [1835]

St-Férréol-les-Neiges, Quebec Region

St-Férréol-les-Neiges Quebec Region Canada
/ 1 night
/ 1 nights
Chalet Nordic 5 Chambres

Cottage: Chalet Nordic 5 Chambres

Lac-Supérieur, Laurentians

Lac-Supérieur Laurentians Canada