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Mobile cottages

For the eternal nomad in you, always in search of adventures, the idea of having a cozy cottage that moves to change landscapes is not so eccentric nowadays. Whether it is to settle on a site for several weeks or several months, new homes on wheels have become more sophisticated, more design, more comfortable than traditional tents-trailers. To discover!

A+ for these exceptional cottages

The Ordre des architectes du Québec annually awards excellence in architecture. On April 5, the awards were held. Two projects caught our attention. Cottages built with attention to detail, architectural sensitivity, while respecting nature and the existing landscape to make the most of it. Cottages of your dream! Here are guided tours of one project in Charlevoix and the other in the Eastern Townships.

The A-Frame cottage

Although associated with the American dreams of the '60s and' 70s, the "A" frame cottages are returning to the heart of new generations, especially in social networks! In this article, we discuss the history of these iconic recreational cabins, the minimalist lifestyle they suggest, their advantages as well as their disadvantages. You will also see the most inspiring models of triangular cottages designed by renowned architects.

Cottage « A window on the lake »

A window on the lake: the very essence of the cottage. A warm, simple wood dwelling open to nature and a peaceful lake.

Source : YH2 • Photos : Francis Pelletier The house stands on the site of an old family cottage, just steps away from the shores of Lac Plaisant in the Mauricie region. Thanks to its simplicity, restraint and refinement, the project embodies the architect's attempt to capture the essence of cottage...

Laurentian Ski Chalet

This modern ski chalet was designed as a weekend retreat for a family with school age children. Sited on the steep slope of a former ski hill, Mont-Jasper, near the village of Saint-Donat. At an elevation of 2,435 feet above sea level, the site is among the highest residential building lots in the Laurentians and Lanaudière regions. From this elevation, surrounded by a dense forest of spruce, maple, beech and birch trees, the...

Mini-Cottage: Pros and Cons

Mini-cottages make heads turn with their sleek look and attract buyers looking for affordable properties. We take a look at this new type of housing.

A Green-roofed Chalet Called “The Lighthouse”

Standing on the edge of a cliff in La Malbaie, immersed in the Saint-Lawrence River and the Laurentians Mountains of the Canadian Shield, the Malbaie V residence, baptized "The Lighthouse" , attracts both saline air lovers and greenery enthusiasts. The project was realized by the architects Jean-Sébastien Herr and Charles Côté, both founders of the Montreal-based firm MU Architecture. Specialists in contemporary architecture, they combine technology and nature to create a coherent whole. "Beyond...

The greenhouse cottage Kekkilä

The "Kekkilä Garden Shed" is the product of a design by architect City Hara and designer Linda Bergroth. This is a unique prefabricated garden shed that combines a greenhouse and storage space in a ready-to-assemble kit. It can be assembled in the field using only a screwdriver. The Garden Shed is made from Finnish pine and safety glass and is equipped with automatic openings to control the temperature inside. The shelter has been designed to...

The container cottage: from shipping container to cabin

Cottages built with shipping containers are popping up in the woods of Quebec. If some choose this building material for its style, others see its potential to create retreat spaces nestled in nature that are both compact and totally functional. Here's an overview of this type of reinvented habitat, from its debut to its implementation in Quebec.

Source: CONTAINER CITY™ Reincarnated containers: from China to the Netherlands Used...

Small prefab cottages

Source: FinCube In our line of articles on prefabricated chalets (see prefabricated log cabins and modern , 4 types of prefabricated buildings ) we present a selection of small cottages that are out of the ordinary. Mostly Known as cabins, these small cottages present a concept as beautiful as functional. Given their small size, the interior space is thought to maximize comfort and storage for everyday life. In addition, they generally have very little impact...

Cottage rentals

Chalet d'Autrefois Laurette et Tom

Cottage: Chalet d'Autrefois Laurette et Tom

St-Adolphe-d'Howard, Laurentians

St-Adolphe-d'Howard Laurentians Canada
/ 7 nights
/ 1 night
Le Shack

Cottage: Le Shack

Beaulac-Garthby, Chaudiere-Appalaches

Beaulac-Garthby Chaudiere-Appalaches Canada
/ 2 nights
/ 2 nights
Camp de Base

Cottage: Camp de Base

Mont Sainte-Anne, Quebec Region

Mont Sainte-Anne Quebec Region Canada
4.5 / 5
/ 7 nights
/ 3 nights
Chalets Escapade 4 Chambres

Cottage: Chalets Escapade 4 Chambres

Lac-Supérieur, Laurentians

Lac-Supérieur Laurentians Canada