Techno arrives at the chalet


What a joy to arrive at the chalet. You breathe deeply the fresh air and you are already enjoying these few moments of your own. Did you know that today's smart security and home automation systems are perfectly suited for second homes? Whether we're talking about surveillance cameras, water leak detectors or even electronic locks, there are a multitude of possibilities that you can personalize and improve according to the seasons and your lifestyle.

“Having a chalet myself, what I particularly like is the temperature management thanks to the smart thermostat, explains Carine Jamieson-St-Amand, marketing director for the TELUS SmartHome Security service. With a simple click in the app on my phone, I can turn up the heating before we even arrive at the chalet. »

With a system like SmartHome Security, you can also program Scenes, a series of actions to be controlled with a simple touch. Click! You have just set the ideal temperature, turned on the lights connected to smart sockets and, why not, activated a little background music on your smart speaker, just to welcome you in complete comfort. zenitude. Welcome to the chalet of the future!

Do you rent your chalet? Simplify your life

Your cottage can also be an important source of income if you rent it. Connected devices for security and home automation can make your life a lot easier. “One of the practical aspects that chalet owners love is certainly the control of entries and exits with the electronic lock," adds Carine Jamieson-St-Amand. No need for keys anymore! So there is no risk of forgetting them and having to turn back towards the house, or managing the handing over of keys with the tenants. » Does this remind you of anything?

Super functional, the electronic lock allows you to unlock the door from your mobile application; program unique codes for each guest or maintenance employee; and cancel/change them as you see fit. Combine it with the video doorbell to see your guests' hoe when they arrive and welcome them yourself. What a good host you are!

To avoid major water damage

You see it as your little piece of paradise, but in real life there are also floods and water damage that can happen. Fortunately, there are smart, connected devices that can help you prevent a lot of hassle and unexpected expenses! “Our SmartHome Security system provides greater peace of mind. Our flood detectors are connected to a professional monitoring center to prevent the worst. You will receive alerts directly on your mobile if there is a water leak and you will be able to act quickly," adds Ms. Jamieson-St-Amand. Essential for waterfront cottages!

Smart insured, reassured insurer

Obviously, insurance companies encourage their customers to install systems that anticipate unpleasant surprises. This is why most offer discounts of up to 20% on their annual premium to their customers with intelligent systems with professional monitoring. This is a little surplus that you can spend as you wish. Enough to tell you that it's not just your chalet that is intelligent!

Enhance the comfort and security of your haven by equipping it with a cutting-edge system like TELUS SmartHome Security, the most trusted home security service in the country*. Discover now all the packages offered by TELUS and its very wide range of smart products, designed to make your life easier.

*Voted most trusted Home Security Provider brand by Canadian shoppers based on the 2023 BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study.


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