Standing on the edge of a cliff in La Malbaie, immersed in the Saint-Lawrence River and the Laurentians Mountains of the Canadian Shield, the Malbaie V residence, baptized "The Lighthouse", attracts both saline air lovers and greenery enthusiasts. The project was realized by the architects Jean-Sébastien Herr and Charles Côté, both founders of the Montreal-based firm MU Architecture. Specialists in contemporary architecture, they combine technology and nature to create a coherent whole. "Beyond ecological values, we understand the importance of the correlation between an iconic architecture and a balanced ecosystem in which we strive to develop this synergy." Such a philosophy is reflected in the design of their projects, but all the more so for The Lighthouse. Indeed, its architecture blends in perfect harmony in the picturesque nature of Charlevoix. The 4-bedroom residence, specially designed for rental, is perfectly integrated in its site so as to enjoy the breathtaking views of La Malbaie.

Source :MU Architecture • Photos : Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard (YUL Photo)

For those who know the region, especially if you have had the chance to go down the ski slopes of Le Massif de Charlevoix during your vacation, the feeling of "falling into the river" is perhaps familiar to you. The Lighthouse gives such a feeling thanks to its main volume which gushes and projects itself towards the river, resting ingeniously on a second volume solidly rooted to the ground. "This is a simple, readable game of cubic shapes that fit together and seem to be extracted from the mountain." Despite the radical vertical drop that proved to be a challenge for the architects, Mu Architecture has been able to benefit from it.

In order to blend the work with its immediate environment, the architects have built a green roof. "We had to consider the fact that the roof was going to be seen from the road, so we treated it like a 5th facade." Beyond their aesthetic attributes, green roofs are known for their insulating properties, just as they help to maintain a comfortable freshness during summer. Wood, exploited as a two-color coating, contrasts the whole of the work.

If RSVPchalets has been attracted by the architectural volumes of this chalet, it has been as much for the clean interior that invites relaxation and welcomes natural light, the so-needed resource after long winters in Quebec. Of course, nothing was left to chance. The light input has been carefully cogitated in an energy efficiency perspective. "The many openings offer the greatest view possible and provide optimum natural light and energy efficiency." The Lighthouse is a chalet that certainly breathes spring and is already planning our winter and summer holidays!

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Project: Malbaie V, "The Lighthouse"
Location: Cap-à-l'Aigle, La Malbaie, Quebec
Architect / Designer: MU Architecture
Team: Charles Côté, Jean-Sébastien Herr, Audrée Lavallée, Myriam Varay
Surface Area: 2400 ft²


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