Technology at the cottage

Smart locks: allies to facilitate the cottage rental experience

Smart locks are some of the new tools that will make your cottage management easier. In this article, we present the different types of smart locks, their advantages as well as their disadvantages to make an informed choice according to your needs.

New technology: how to synchronize calendars via ICAL / ICS

Managing the availability or unavailability of a cottage rental is often the bane of new owners. To avoid generating frustration caused by the management of sometimes simultaneous requests from your customers, it is better to automate this process! If it's not already done, it's high time to sync your rental schedules via ICAL / ICS. If these terms do not tell you much, here is an article to familiarize you and help...

Solar panels at the cottage

With solar panels, you can do your part for the environment and save money in the medium- and long-term. Learn more about this renewable energy source and find answers to common questions.

Automatic plant irrigation made easy

Whether you need to water an outdoor garden or indoor plants, there are many automatic irrigation systems available so you can head out for a few days with peace of mind. Discover the system that's right for you!

Hydroelectricity for the cottage

Renewable energy solutions are gaining popularity especially in the residential market. Billions of dollars are invested each year for solar and wind systems. However, these technologies do not yet represent an optimal solution to traditional energies. Indeed, despite the significant growth of this market, products do not always respond adequately to the specific needs of users. Because of the intermittency of the wind, the variable sunshine, the rainy season or...

The smart cottage: automated safety and comfort

Home automation offers you new solutions to improve comfort, safety and entertainment in your cottage by controlling everything with your fingertips! Using the technologies of home automation in your cottage or second home is to ensure comfort and security of mind. This facilitates your rentals by providing easy access to your tenants and allows you to have an eye at all times on your second home that is sometimes located...

Emergency preparedness

Here's one indispensable piece of equipment, come good times or bad. The small portable AM/FM radio can also tune in to all 7 NOAA weatherband channels. It can be recharged using a handcrank or solar panel and you can even use it to charge your cell phone.

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Cottage rentals

Le Shack

Cottage: Le Shack

Beaulac-Garthby, Chaudiere-Appalaches

Beaulac-Garthby Chaudiere-Appalaches Canada
/ 2 nights
/ 2 nights
La Perle du Lac

Cottage: La Perle du Lac

Lac-Etchemin, Chaudiere-Appalaches

Lac-Etchemin Chaudiere-Appalaches Canada
5 / 5
/ 7 nights
/ 2 nights
Chalet du Cerf

Cottage: Chalet du Cerf

Labelle, Laurentians

Labelle Laurentians Canada
/ 7 nights
/ 2 nights
Chalet le Soleil

Cottage: Chalet le Soleil

Labelle, Laurentians

Labelle Laurentians Canada
3 / 5