New technology: how to synchronize calendars via ICAL / ICS

Managing the availability or unavailability of a cottage rental is often the bane of new owners. To avoid generating frustration caused by the management of sometimes simultaneous requests from your customers, it is better to automate this process! If it's not already done, it's high time to sync your rental schedules via ICAL / ICS. If these terms do not tell you much, here is an article to familiarize you and help you manage your calendars centrally.


iCal is the personal calendar app from Apple, but also used as the abbreviation of the Microsoft format name: iCalendar. It's an application (online calendar) that allows you to plan your daily life: all upcoming events. The two main features of iCal that appeal to these users are: automatic event recall and sharing calendars with your friends and other platforms.

ICS is another type of application, actually, a calendar file saved in a universal calendar format used by several email and calendar programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. It allows users to publish and share calendar information on the web and by email.

Use for cottage rentals

Why synchronize your calendars via ICAL / ICS? To avoid finding yourself with two confirmed bookings at the same time, for the same period. Yes, at spring break, or during the holidays, it's common! Synchronizing your calendar (personal / external) with RSVPchalets allows you to automatically update your reservations in one place. Finally, manage your rentals via a master calendar. The good news is that RSVPchalets supports multiple "sources" of ICAL / ICS. For example: Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar. If your listing is published on other websites, you can also sync your calendars between them.

ICAL synchronization step by step

Two steps take precedence over synchronization: importing your ICAL / ICS compatible external calendar to your RSVPchalets calendar.

Then export your RSVPchalets calendar to your ICAL / ICS compatible calendar. Sharing your calendars will allow you to synchronize and view your bookings in both calendars, if not more calendars if you have more.

ICAL import

Here are the guidelines for importing your external calendar to that of RSVPchalets:

  1. In the member section of RSVPchalets, go to the Members tab and select your listing.
  2. Click on "Availability".
  3. Under Synchronize calendars, click "Add".
  4. Copy the link from your external calendar and copy it into the URL field
  5. Click on "Import".

Note that changes to your external calendar may take a few minutes to appear on your RSVPchalets calendar, visible to travelers.

ICAL export

Exporting your RSVPchalets calendar to Ical / ICS format makes it compatible with external calendar (personal / external).

Here are the guidelines for exporting your RSVPchalets availability to an external calendar:

  1. In the member section of RSVPchalets, go to the Members tab and select your listing.
  2. Click on "Availability".
  3. Under Synchronize calendars, click on "Export".
  4. Copy / paste the calendar link RSVPchalets into other Ical / ICS applications. That is, to your external calendar.

Finally, the idea is to centralize information to avoid scattering and generating unnecessary errors. Once your calendars are synchronized, you will enjoy your experience as a rental cottage owner. Do not hesitate to do it on your mobile device also to follow your bookings live!

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