Imagine those cool evenings with family and friends, hot drinks in one hand, branches of marshmallows toasting in the other, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the fire. Especially after a day of skiing or hiking! This way, your patio or backyard will be transformed into a little oasis during the seasons when we're rather homey.

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Before embarking on this wonderful project, it's a good idea to check with your municipality regarding the types of fireplaces and their use. Regulations vary from city to city, and even from borough to borough. Basic safety rules must be respected, such as clearance from trees or a minimum distance from a building. A nearby fire extinguisher is strongly recommended. If the fireplace does not come with a cover, a tarpaulin or cover should be placed over it to protect it from snow.

It's important to think about where you want to install your fireplace, if only in terms of the number of people who will be around it, or in terms of a location that won't disturb the neighbors. Some people prefer to have it close to the chalet, while others may want to set it up further away to enjoy a mountain view, for example.

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Once you've taken these steps, you'll need to make a choice about the type of fireplace to suit your tastes and budget. There are different types of fireplaces to choose from: wood, gas, propane or bioethanol. There are also dual-energy models, i.e. wood and gas.

For the sake of coherence and harmony with your decor, you can opt for in-store or custom-built models, taking into account the type of material - concrete, steel or other - that will match your outdoor furniture and cottage style. An important detail when choosing a material is to make sure it will last through our harsh winters and won't chip or rust, especially if you're buying a product from elsewhere.


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Obviously, the wood-burning fireplace is the image that most often comes to mind. We can already hear the crackling of the wood, its smell and the smoke are the charms of this type of fireplace. It's important to know your terrain, and more precisely where the wind blows the least. Budget-wise, it also seems to be the most affordable, without neglecting style. The art of using a match to start a fire is a prerequisite, with a little patience and technique. Anyone can do it. By planning a place to store logs, a well-thought-out fireplace area will be put to good use all year round.

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If you don't want to worry about sparks, smoke or embers, and are more of an efficient, hassle-free type, gas fireplaces are easy to use because they turn on and off at the touch of a button. The heat is constant and pleasant. Since these fireplaces come with a tank, you'll ideally need a place to conceal it unless you're already connected to a natural gas or propane line.

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Don't hesitate to consult landscape architects for advice on the best way to enjoy your fireplace in the setting of your dreams. Sometimes, the fireplace can be integrated into a table, for example, to maximize your space, or it can be installed in a spot with a view of the mountain or lake.

With the pandemic likely to limit the number of people inside a cottage, being able to entertain outside in the warmth of an outdoor fireplace will make our autumn (and winter!) seem shorter and less lonely.


Soudure MT is a family business located in Saint-Urbain, Charlevoix. We specialize in the custom fabrication of steel products. From outdoor steel fireplaces and industrial safety railings to decorative interior railings, we custom-make everything to our customers' specifications.

We're also involved in a number of repair fields, including agriculture, recreation and freight transportation, so we're versatile and adaptable.

Call on our team for your projects!

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