When the dock becomes an extension of your cottage

Settling on a dock for fun near the water, relaxing or enjoying a good meal, is part of the holiday or long weekend memories to reconnect with nature. That's why adding a dock is a plus for your cottage when it's allowed to do so, of course.

Before you start, know that some standards apply for the installation of a dock. Do not take risks and consult the municipal bylaws and the booklet (only in French) prepared by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks. This is a good starting point for planning the installation of your dock.

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Do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals who will give you suggestions on the type of dock that would best suit your water, because there are several types of docks. For do-it-yourselfers, practical guides are available to build a dock yourself (for example: Quaibec).

The floating dock

Being the most popular choice, the floating dock is generally designed from a prefabricated platform fixed on a floating structure and provided with anchorage resting on the coastline. It adapts to most shorelines and is easily installed in deep water. This type of dock allows a larger area to develop a little piece of paradise. You can also add a pontoon to move on the lake. In addition, the installation of such a dock has less impact on the fauna, flora and shoreline it contains. Obviously, a minimum water depth of 1 meter is required so that the dock floats on the water and does not rest on the bottom of the water. To do it yourself or by giving the contract to a professional, you will have to choose the type of material according to the look you want to give to your dock, and according to your budget. Wood is the nicest choice in our opinion, and the most popular too.

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The dock on stilts

The dock on stilts is a permanent dock. The piles are buried in the bed of the body of water, directly or in previously drilled holes. This dock is installed on a water level whose level is relatively stable. It is heavier and more expensive but does not require maintenance. It is less recommended for bodies of water where ice is formed during the winter as it may damage the wharf.

The dock on tubular legs

The tubular dock remains a practical solution when we are in the presence of shallow water. Less expensive than the floating dock and lighter, it is easy to install and remove when the cold season comes. The feet can be equipped with wheels which facilitate its movement when the time of the delivery. The wharf is largely emerged, with little impact on the shoreline and less vulnerable to wave action. It is therefore more stable.

Accessories and furniture on the dock

Accessories or furniture decorate your moments spent on the dock such as a bench at the platform to soak your feet in the water, or fixed benches on the edge of the platform, a gazebo, a hammock, a fireplace, pots of flowers, lights, a ladder and why not, a swing! Ideas are endless to make your dock a nice place to spend more time outdoors. It only remains to wait for the beautiful days!

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Cottages for rent with a dock

Here we present some cottages for rent with a dock on our cottage rental site.

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