Tips and tricks for cottage owners and their rentals

Average price of a cottage rental in Quebec in 2021

Unprecedented, the rise in cottage rental prices since the pandemic has been spectacular. Unsurprisingly, with borders closed, vacationers flocked to local destinations to discover some of the province's fabulous spots.

Buying a cottage: what you need to know

Thinking of buying a cottage and not quite sure where to start? When buying a second home, you need to determine your desired location, establish your needs and budget, and evaluate a number of criteria that are not the same as when buying a primary residence. And don't forget to store around for cottage insurance! Here's a simple guide to help you get started.

Opening your cottage for the summer season: a step-by-step guide

It's finally time to enjoy summer at the cottage! Here's how to get your vacation home ready for the warm weather.

Follow this to-do list to get your cottage ready for summer, and then enjoy the warm weather.

5 ways to reduce your cottage's ecological footprint

Owners, in the 21st century, opt for eco-friendly homes. Choose sustainable energy sources like LEDs and solar power, use home automation systems, and explore other renewable energies. Efficiently manage waste and water while adopting eco-friendly practices daily to reduce your ecological footprint.

8 attentions for your tenants for the best cottage rental

The small attentions, as innocuous as they are, sometimes make tenants decide in favour of one cottage rather than another. Notably, a list of your favourite places to eat in the area, a good coffee maker or quality bath towels promise a more comfortable stay. On a larger scale, spending on good quality outdoor equipment is proving to be a particularly winning strategy. Some owners see it as an opportunity to monetize the rental of...

Everything You Need to Know to Rent Your Cottage Online

Renting a cottage property to make extra income, as a long term investment or even going into the cottage rental business can be a viable financial situation and even a lot of fun, as long as one does not sink all their time and money into it. That's why a simple, sustainable marketing strategy is best planned ahead of time.

Content marketing is all the rage right now in ad agencies and the...

Renting Your Cottage: 5 Must-haves for Your Pictures

According to real estate specialists, 95% of people who look up online rental listings spend approximately 20 seconds on the first picture. If it succeeds in attracting enough attention, tenants will continue their research by focusing on the price and descriptive texts. When it comes to renting a cottage, the same data applies. Indeed, holidaymakers looking for a place to have relaxing and fun vacations want to be charmed at first glance;...

Renting Out Your Cottage: 5 Helpful Tips

Renting out your cottage has many advantages. To avoid unpleasant surprises, here are five things to remember before posting your rental ad.

Popular Rental Platforms and Their Service Fees

Residential lodging rental platforms abound. They are easy to use and travellers love them. But before you use one of them to book your next reservation, make sure you know about the service fees involved.

Average Prices of Cottage Rentals in Quebec

The recent slump of the Canadian dollar has made holidays in Quebec more attractive than ever this year. American and European visitors are taking advantage of their increased buying power to find new destinations for their precious time off. Inversely, Quebec residents are choosing to stay closer to home for their holidays in the hopes of avoiding unfavourable exchange rates. As a result, even though the average prices have increased a bit,...

Cottage rentals

Maison de Parc Chiasson

Cottage: Maison de Parc Chiasson

Caraquet, Acadian Coastline

Caraquet Acadian Coastline CA
Les Chalets Enchantés Spa Privé

Cottage: Les Chalets Enchantés Spa Privé

St-Boniface, Mauricie

St-Boniface Mauricie CA
/ 7 nights
/ 1 night
Le Manoir 1927

Cottage: Le Manoir 1927

St-Férréol-les-Neiges, Quebec Region

St-Férréol-les-Neiges Quebec Region CA
Chalet le Soleil

Cottage: Chalet le Soleil

Labelle, Laurentians

Labelle Laurentians CA
3 / 5