Architecture, design, technology and activities for the cottage

Renting a cottage with your dog

Escape from the city, reconnect with nature, the need for fresh air, it is not only humans who feel the need. Our beloved pets too! Bringing your dog to the cottage is possible as long as you respect certain rules.

Mobile cottages

For the eternal nomad in you, always in search of adventures, the idea of having a cozy cottage that moves to change landscapes is not so eccentric nowadays. Whether it is to settle on a site for several weeks or several months, new homes on wheels have become more sophisticated, more design, more comfortable than traditional tents-trailers. To discover!

The veranda at the cottage: Enjoy the outdoors from inside

Building a veranda to extend the cottage to enjoy the outdoors from your home definitely brings added value to your well-being, and your cottage. Often, it becomes even the most coveted room to eat, to bask without worrying about mosquitoes, or to be protected from the rain or too sunny days without being confined inside.

Smart locks: allies to facilitate the cottage rental experience

Smart locks are some of the new tools that will make your cottage management easier. In this article, we present the different types of smart locks, their advantages as well as their disadvantages to make an informed choice according to your needs.

When the dock becomes an extension of your cottage

The wharf, a place outside the cottage to have a drink, to read in an adirondack chair, to contemplate nature, to do his morning yoga, to bask in the sun or to pull his fishing rod! When the dock is used not only as a boat for your boat or pedalo, it is best to take the maximum to fully enjoy your chance to be near the water. Here is an overview of the different docks to consider before planning its construction and ideas to develop it to make it enjoyable while being useful!

A+ for these exceptional cottages

The Ordre des architectes du Québec annually awards excellence in architecture. On April 5, the awards were held. Two projects caught our attention. Cottages built with attention to detail, architectural sensitivity, while respecting nature and the existing landscape to make the most of it. Cottages of your dream! Here are guided tours of one project in Charlevoix and the other in the Eastern Townships.

New technology: how to synchronize calendars via ICAL / ICS

Managing the availability or unavailability of a cottage rental is often the bane of new owners. To avoid generating frustration caused by the management of sometimes simultaneous requests from your customers, it is better to automate this process! If it's not already done, it's high time to sync your rental schedules via ICAL / ICS. If these terms do not tell you much, here is an article to familiarize you and help...

The A-Frame cottage

Although associated with the American dreams of the '60s and' 70s, the "A" frame cottages are returning to the heart of new generations, especially in social networks! In this article, we discuss the history of these iconic recreational cabins, the minimalist lifestyle they suggest, their advantages as well as their disadvantages. You will also see the most inspiring models of triangular cottages designed by renowned architects.

Glamping: a new type of rental accommodation

Glamping or "ready-to-camp" is a particularly popular type of tourist accommodation. Discover the most unusual glamping accommodations in Canada. Those who combine the comfort of a cottage with the scenery of camping!

Design and maintenance of the patio: all you need to know

In summer, a well-maintained patio is a particularly sought after criteria for holidaymakers. Conversely, a cottage without a patio can quickly end up at the bottom of the search list. Without embarking on the construction of a multi-level patio, a space that provides enough space for a table, barbecue and deck chair can easily increase the rental value of your cottage. On the design side, linear shapes, aluminum structures and natural materials such as wood and polished...