Smart locks: allies to facilitate the cottage rental experience

What's easier than a door that unlocks itself, or almost, as soon as your new tenants land with their arms filled with luggage? Remotely, you open the doors of your cottage, without worrying about a key lost during the stay of your travellers. Peace what! Smart or "smart" locks may be the answer to your effective rental cottage management. These locks are ideal for sharing access to your cottage with peace of mind, without going into the complexity of home automation. To make a conscientious choice according to your needs!

Friday, the smallest lock on the market

How it works?

An intelligent lock is a device that can be added to a standard lock or sold as a complete set. The purchase price varies between 150 $ to 600 $ depending on the model chosen. The system runs on batteries and can be installed on the door inside the cottage. Your lock is therefore protected from power outages, as long as your batteries are fully charged. There are usually four AA batteries for the system on its own. If the chosen system comes with a bracelet, a remote control or a keychain, compact batteries are provided. Depending on usage, the batteries should last at least one year before being replaced.

Choosing the right smart lock for your cottage

There are usually 4 major types of smart locks on the market, those that work with your smartphone, a wireless signal, a keyboard or biometric. Several new brands offer all these options for a single lock!

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S

The wireless signal lock (Bluetooth)

The operation is usually quite simple for this type of lock. As a first step, a wireless signal (Bluetooth) is sent from your smartphone, remote control, wristband or smart keychain to turn on the electric unlocking motor. This system is designed to lock or unlock the lock near it (10 to 20 metres), without having to touch it. This makes getting to the cottage easier, but requires that you lend one of your remotes to your visitors. Today, virtually all smart locks on the market offer Bluetooth functionality. If you have wifi at the cottage, it is more interesting to opt for a lock connected to your smartphone to open your door from where you want!

The lock connected (wifi) to your smartphone

You are the least skilled with your smartphone? Several smart lock options have the advantage of being controlled remotely using Android and iOS applications (Apple devices). For cottage rentals, this is ideal because you can send a temporary key to your visitors, wherever you are. The virtual key is as easy to send as a text message! In addition, you can keep an eye on the arrivals and departures of your visitors by viewing the history of use on the application of the lock on your phone. Connected to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and / or Amazon Alexa, smart locks like August, Nuki and Friday (the smallest lock on the market) are three minimalist options that only activate using your smartphone, that is to say without a key or keyboard. If you lose your phone, it is also possible to manage the situation via the manufacturer's website, your computer or other connected technologies.

The key lock (touch or keys)

This type of lock allows users to dial code using touch-screen keys. You can create a multitude of temporary user codes for each of your guests. Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, Igloohome, and Weiser locks are interesting keyboard and key options because they are also connected through the use of applications on your compatible smartphones. The Yale brand also offers several options for smart keypad and key locks, or just keyboard locks, such as the Nest x Yale Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Nest x Yale

Biometric locks (fingerprint and iris)

These type of smart locks are buzzing in the United States. However, they have not yet been proven in winter! Our climate is much more rigorous in Quebec. And anyway, this is not the most useful option for letting your visitors in! However, there are multifunctional smart locks, that is to say that also offer remote lock and unlock using your smartphone. This is the case for the KooGeek padlock which is activated by biometric with the possibility of adding 50 recognizable fingerprints. KooGeek also recognizes your voice from Siri and activates from the KooGeek Home or Apple Home app on your smartphone. This is an interesting option to padlock your remote control and unlock it to let your visitors borrow a bike for example, keeping an eye on the comings and goings.

The KooGeek padlock


First of all, make sure your current lock has a standard deadbolt. Most homes use a deadbolt lock unless it is an antique system. What can apply to your cottage! You must also make sure to have a good wifi at the cottage and validate the compatibility of your phone with your future smart lock.
See the list of locks compatible with Apple (iOS)

You can also do business with a locksmith who will offer you the equipment adapted to your needs and will be able to provide you with an after-sales service in case of breakage. As for the physical installation, it is comparable to that of a standard lock. However, a virtual installation from the manufacturer's website is required to connect your lock to your smartphone.

Finally, smart locks are an interesting avenue to facilitate exchanges with your visitors and a gateway to home automation, that is to say to an automated management of all devices related to comfort, security and communications from your cottage. A smart cottage what! However, do not assume that all your visitors will be comfortable with your new way of managing access to your cottage. You need to be clear about what you need to do to ensure that your new tenants enjoy a pleasant start and finish.


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