The smart cottage: automated safety and comfort

Home automation offers you new solutions to improve comfort, safety and entertainment in your cottage by controlling everything with your fingertips!

Using the technologies of home automation in your cottage or second home is to ensure comfort and security of mind. This facilitates your rentals by providing easy access to your tenants and allows you to have an eye at all times on your second home that is sometimes located hundreds of miles away. You can unlock your door and disarm the alarm with your cell phone, start heating from your car a few hours before your arrival and adjust a lighting system that simulates your presence to keep intruders away when you're away.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are an asset to your cottage as they lock and unlock a door remotely from a mobile device. This is ideal for not having to move to give keys, avoid duplicates are made and not having to make a round trip if you forget your keys! You can also continue to use an ordinary key if you do not have your phone.


Lockitron is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its ease of installation and use. With its mobile app, just slide your finger to lock or unlock your door from anywhere. The app sends you a notification when your door has been locked, unlocked and by which user. You can securely share access with people of your choice by entering their email or phone number. They will receive a link to create a Lockitron account, which will allow them to unlock your door according to the schedule you have determined. Another advantage of this lock is that it can be used with all types of phones by sending and replying with a text message. Everything works by using the same security standards as banking institutions.

Source: Lockitron


August, a smart lock that will be on the market by the end of 2014, brings new features to the connected lock. After a quick installation that only changes the inside of your lock, simply download the mobile application to lock and unlock your door, send access to your tenants or visitors and select a time slot during which their access is valid. For example, you can provide access for a rental period of one week and once the time has expired, your tenants will no longer have access to your cottage. Also, you can provide access to your cleaning lady only on Mondays from 2pm to 5pm, for example. August's app lets you see who went in, how long, and who came out of your cottage.

Source: August

Heating and air conditioning management

What a joy to return to the cottage in winter and it is already hot! It is now possible thanks to these new intelligent thermostats. You will not have to make all your adjustments manually, you will be able to start and stop heating and cooling remotely and you will receive a monthly report allowing you to see your energy savings.


Recently acquired by Google, Nest offers a variety of connected products, including a sleek design thermostat. Its use saves tens or even hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill each year. To do this, Nest learns your daily routine. By manually adjusting it for a few days, Nest gradually understands your routine and automatically adjusts according to it. If you have a regular schedule, Nest is perfect for you as it will learn your schedule to maximize your comfort and energy savings. Plus, you do not need a smartphone to detect your presence and it's manually adjustable like a traditional thermostat.

Source: Nest


The company Honeywell finds its classic design with the Lyrics thermostat. This smart thermostat is remotely controlled from a mobile device and adjusts to an optimal temperature for your comfort by using data from indoor, outdoor, humidity and current and expected weather. The Lyrics works by using the proximity of mobile devices associated with it. For example, if all members living in the house are outside a 500-meter perimeter surrounding the home, the thermostat will go into power save mode. It will do the same when approaching one of the members: it will increase or decrease the ambient temperature. Of course, this perimeter is customizable according to your preferences. It is therefore perfect for people with no fixed routine. It is also manually adjustable like a traditional thermostat.

Source: Honeywell

Smoke and air quality detectors

Everyone knows the classic smoke detector that bothered the whole house with its loud alarm during a false alarm. Believe it or not, smoke and carbon monoxide detection systems are now connected to your phone and allow you to know the air quality of your cottage and act in case of emergency wherever you are.


This new type detector is connected to your smartphone or tablet. It allows you to turn off your fire alarm directly from your phone in case of a false alarm; no need to shake the dishwashing machine! In the event of a real fire, he takes care of getting the necessary help. With its various sensors, it continually analyzes its environment to inform you about the quality of the air, pollen, humidity and helps you breathe better by giving you tips to improve the quality of your air. Finally, Birdi alerts you and emergency services when there is an abnormal level of carbon monoxide (CO) in your home. Birdi will soon be on sale.

Source: Bîrdi

Nest smoke alarm

The Nest family has also created a smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector. The detector, connected to your smart devices through an app, sends you a warning before it goes off so you can cancel the alarm if there is no emergency. When Nest detects a fault, your devices will turn yellow and a voice will be heard to tell you that the carbon monoxide level is rising or where the smoke is coming from. In the event of a fire or high Co rate, a voice and an alarm will sound to alert everyone from all your Nest detectors.

Source: Nest

Les systèmes de sécurité

A security camera system may seem somewhat excessive, but it is a very useful additional protection when renting your chalet. This allows you to monitor specific locations and be notified quickly if there is a problem.


With Dropcam's discreet camera system, you can see what's going on inside and outside your cottage. You can put a camera outside to protect access to your pool and spa or direct a camera to your entrances and windows to be notified directly to your phone when there is a movement in a room in a predetermined area. Of course, you can watch in real time what your cameras record and you have the ability to record videos on the Internet in a secure way to view certain events of the day. Finally, you can select time ranges during which cameras will be active.

Source: Dropcam


Camcloud is a surveillance system different from traditional systems. The service brings together the recordings of the cameras of your choice in one place. All you need to do is buy a monthly plan that will allow you to use the number of cameras you need and save a certain amount of video hours in your user account. By connecting your cameras to the Wi-Fi network, you only have to activate them later in your Camcloud interface to gather them all, to receive your alerts and to be able to watch in real time what your cameras record.

Source: Camcloud


Piper is a complete security system. This is a surveillance camera providing security modes that you can customize, a motion detector and an alarm siren. Piper helps you control the automated elements of your home because you can use it as a relay to communicate with your ZWave products by, for example, sending an alert to your mobile device when a window or door is open or turn on the lights when night falls. So, in addition to receiving information about your camera, you can control virtually every electrical device in your cottage from your phone wherever you are. Finally, Piper can send you alerts when it detects an abnormal situation.

Source: Piper

Lighting systems

Proper lighting can play an important role in the comfort and safety of your cottage. By connecting your lighting, you will be able to ensure that all lights are off when your tenants leave your cottage and you can simulate your presence to keep malcontents away when you are away. You will also be able to create atmospheres that will enhance your daily life.

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue combines both an aesthetic and a practical component. With Philips Hue, you have the opportunity to create an atmosphere suitable for all styles, moods and occasions! With the mobile app, just select the room of your choice to create your mood by changing the colour and intensity of your bulbs. You can also create preset modes and program your lights to turn on and off according to a schedule. At the cottage, you can use them to create an atmosphere, but also to schedule a time when they will go out. All this can be done remotely through the mobile application.

Source: Philips Hue


Beewi offers 2 accessories to control your lighting, LED bulbs and BeeWi plug. The multicoloured LED bulbs are controllable from the mobile application and offer predefined and customizable colour modes. When connected to an electrical device such as a lamp, the connected BeeWi plug has various controllable functions with your mobile device, such as on / off, programming according to your schedule and a motion sensor. So you can combine both to program your lights according to the desired characteristics.

Source: BeeWi