The most beautiful models of prefabricated modern-style cottages

Source: Turkel Design

Every year, more and more future owners are turning to prefabricated cottages for their new home. These have many advantages. For example, because they are factory-made, the construction is weatherproof which eliminates work delays due to inclement weather and allows the manufacturer to work with dried materials (which means limits the risk of deformation). Delivery times are therefore easier to meet and this gives cottages more solid and better insulated than those built on site. However, forget the preconceptions you have when talking about prefabs. The era of mobile homes is far behind! Manufactured cabins and homes have evolved significantly in recent years, with companies now offering many models that meet the highest energy-efficient standards and keep up with the latest design trends. Let yourself be transported away from the city by our selection of modern-style chalets.

Balnarring Beach

This model chalet is manufactured by the Australian company Ecoliv. It is a modular chalet, which means that the chalet is divided into several modules manufactured in the factory and then transported and assembled on site. An advantage of this type of house is that the interior and exterior finish are made in the factory. So when the modules are delivered, all you have to do is connect the water and electricity! In addition, the customer can add modules to his home according to his tastes and needs. This model is created in such a way as to minimize the environmental impact of its manufacture as all stages of its design are designed to save water and electricity.

Source: Ecoliv

Source: Ecoliv

Kitsilano and Naramata

It is the Canadian company Karoleena, based in the Okanagan Valley, behind the creation of these prefabricated cottages. Thanks to the versatility of their models, they fit just as much in a steep environment as on the shore of a lake. These comfortable chalets bring a touch of modernity in the forest thanks to an innovative design and an important fenestration.

Source: Karoleena

Source: Karoleena


The Quebec company of prefabricated houses Bonneville offers the chalet Euroshäck, an alloy between the modern style and that of the Scandinavian "cabins". It was designed with the purpose of bringing people together in this one. Forget cell phones and laptops at home! This chalet, with its open spaces and lack of divisions, brings the family together in a friendly atmosphere. In addition, large windows and skylights allow the sun to enter the home during the day and observe the stars at night. An ideal chalet to relax!

Source: Les Maisons Bonneville


This summer house is a creation of architect Irene Saevik. The interest of this creation lies in the fact that it makes us forget the proximity of the city thanks to its design inspired by Japanese architecture that integrates nature to housing. Although it is fully functional for all activities of everyday life, it still inspires the contemplation of the outdoor environment with its large terrace located at the front of the cottage. In addition to the design of the chalet, the architect has also created some elements of the interior decor, such as the wooden bath.

Source: Dwell

Source: Dwell

Lake Vernon prefab cottage

The Canadian company Altius, in partnership with the company Sustain, are behind the realization of this chalet on the border of modern style and cabin style. Facing a major challenge for builders due to its geographic location, the two-module cottage had to be trucked and then shipped to its foundations on the shores of Lake Vernon, Ontario. Although it may seem small, this cottage contains everything necessary for a family of four to live at ease, bringing members closer to each other and to nature.

Source: Dwell

Source: Altius

Box Hill

This model is manufactured by the Australian company Modscape. The values of the company are design, innovation and sustainability. This is what is found in their models which, moreover, are designed so that the customer can, as he wishes, add and move modules of the model he has chosen. The model presented is the extension of an existing house, but can also be used as a cottage when placed in the woods. The large central terrace allows you to enjoy nature while being protected from the weather on 3 sides.

Source: Modscape

Source: Modscape

Gambier Island

This beautiful cottage located in British Columbia is the product of the architectural firm Turkel. This is an adaptation of the TD3 2490 model, customized since it could only be transported to the shipyard by boat. The chalet has been created to adapt to several ground conditions (mountainous, lakeside) and to open simultaneously on different landscapes when one is inside. In addition to winning awards for its design, Gambier Island House also received an award for its green construction. In fact, the chalet collects rainwater, has a high energy efficiency and can be self-sufficient in the event of a winter storm. A major asset considering its isolated location.

Source: Turkel Design

Source: Turkel Design


Cottage rentals

Chalet Laroche

Cottage: Chalet Laroche

Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac (Secteur Cabano), Bas-Saint-Laurent

Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac (Secteur Cabano) Bas-Saint-Laurent Canada
4.7 / 5
/ 7 nights
/ 3 nights
Luxe 2-6 Pers / Luxury for 2-6 Peo

Cottage: Luxe 2-6 Pers / Luxury for 2-6 Peo

Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Laurentians

Ste-Agathe-des-Monts Laurentians Canada
/ 1 night
Le Shack O2

Cottage: Le Shack O2

Beaulac-Garthby, Chaudiere-Appalaches

Beaulac-Garthby Chaudiere-Appalaches Canada
/ 2 nights
/ 2 nights
Chalet d'Autrefois Laurette et Tom

Cottage: Chalet d'Autrefois Laurette et Tom

St-Adolphe-d'Howard, Laurentians

St-Adolphe-d'Howard Laurentians Canada
/ 7 nights
/ 1 night