Tiny CABIN: This architect couple's cottage in Trollheimen is only 11.2m2 but it has everything a family needs for a pleasant weekend getaway.

TWO HOUSES INTERACTING: The cottage's entrance is 6m2 and is well protected from the weather. One can see the 4m2 woodshed / outhouse in the background. The roofing is made of Alta slates made of recucled cardboard and asphalt.

A TAILORED INTERIOR: Decors and furniture elements have been planned and executed in order to maximize the room's space and lighting where it is most needed. Notice the clever drying rack that lifts into the ceiling.

AN EFFECTIVE ROOM: All the space in this single-room cabin is exploited to it's fullest, both in terms of height and depth.

Kitchenette: The architects designed an interior that is all at once practical, durable and stylish.

BUILDING ART in high mountains: Here's how log box is built and insulated with moss in the corners and along the logs. The special notching technique is a traditional type that was used in Røros.

© DRAWING : Bendik Manum and Annelise Bjerkan
© PHOTO : Bendik Manum