When it comes time to find a cottage to rent for us and our dog, we must ensure that the owners of the cottage allow our pet to be welcome. Often well indicated in the listings, the offer is still quite interesting for tenants. And if nothing is indicated, contact the owner for approval. As an indication, on our cottage rental site RSVPchalets.com, there are around 400 cottages for rent that allow for dogs.

With or without a dog, the golden rule when renting a cottage is respect for the place. Constant monitoring to make sure your dog does not chew anything, break the furniture, or anything. It goes without saying, we take care of the place as if it were at home, both inside and outside the cottage.

Here are also a few safety tips when your dog comes to spend time with you at the cottage. Ideally, walk your dog on a leash during long walks. He is in a new environment and could get lost, or encounter wild animals. It would also be wise for your dog to wear his collar at all times.

You are thinking of going boating? Mandatory life jackets for all, and your dog too even if he is a good swimmer. He might be surprised by the temperature of the water or rough waters.

In nature, ticks, parasites and fleas are often present. A thorough examination must be done regularly. Finally, we advise you to find out where the nearest veterinary clinic is located in case of a glitch. Otherwise, life at the cottage with the best of man brings a well-being to all! Doggy included.

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