Cottage for rent: Les Villas Champêtres - Vénitien

Les Villas Champêtres - Vénitien

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Monteregie, Quebec
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Ski hill:
Ski Bromont, Mont Sutton
Golf course:
Baie Missisquoi


Reserved dates
Last updated on November 29, 2021

Cottage Description

This Villa is designed for 10 people since it offers 5 bedrooms all with a private bathroom.

Note that above the 10 people included in the rate, an additional amount of $ 30 / person per night is required.

The solution for a larger group is to combine Villa Le Vénitien with Villas Sous les Ailes de Lyne and Le Champlain, all located on the same estate. Thus, you will get more comfort and space. These three Villas share certain amenities including the pool and kayaks.

• Fireplace

• Kitchen

• Steam bath

• Indoor spa

• Waterfront

• WIFI Internet

• Five bedrooms

• Living room

• Dining room

• Indoor sauna

• Bell TV

• Five bathrooms

• Bikes *

• Kayaks *

• Fishing

• Swimming pool *

• Barbecue

• Air hockey *


In summer, after a beautiful sunny day to bathe, go kayaking and hiking cycling, you will enjoy a good meal cooked on the barbecue surrounded by your loved ones in front of a magnificent sunset. Then, relax in the spa, sauna and steam bath and share discussions and laughs in front of a beautiful warm fire before falling asleep with your loved one.

Happiness is now!

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Contact Cottage Owner

Les Villas Champêtres
David-Alexandre Landry
(514) 918-1676
(438) 832-2408

Renting fees

Regular rates:
1 nights (Weekend)
2 nights (Weekend)
3 nights (Weekend)
7 nights

Rates details

En basse saison, du 15 janvier au 15 juin et du 15 septembre au 15 décembre, du dimanche au jeudi, je vous offre: 4 nuitées pour 4 personnes à 499$+tx, ce qui revient à seulement 32$+tx/nuit par personne!

***Exception: journées fériés et la semaine de relàche***

Renting fees

Rental rates are in: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Regular rates:
1 night
2 nights
3 nights
4 nights
5 nights
6 nights
1 nights
2 nights
3 nights
7 nights

Rates details

En basse saison, du 15 janvier au 15 juin et du 15 septembre au 15 décembre, du dimanche au jeudi, je vous offre: 4 nuitées pour 4 personnes à 499$+tx, ce qui revient à seulement 32$+tx/nuit par personne!

***Exception: journées fériés et la semaine de relàche***


None available


Terms and Conditions of the Cottage

Our intention is to make your stay more enjoyable. Read this form it represents the agreement between you and us owners tenants of our residences.

We offer well-tended fields, we hope that you follow the best that is offered. This form is intended as insurance for you and for us that prices, dates and other terms of the contract are met by both parties


1 - A reservation deposit of the equivalent of taxes is required since the reservation. This deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel we will apply the following principles:

Two months or less before arrival: 50% of the total amount of your booking is due to us

A month or less before arrival:. 75% of Your reservation total is due us.

Two weeks or less before arrival: 100% of all of your booking is due us

2 - The second is the security deposit.This is your Visa credit card is mandatory, if you do not have a Visa credit card, an additional $ 500 cash is required upon arrival. We will refund you in full if it all here below instructions were followed. Otherwise, Villas Champêtres retain your deposit.

We know that accidents can happen very quickly, so we thank you for always notify us when equipment failure or damage to the premises . Generally, we will settle everything amicably and often not even charge you a fee when the objects in question are inexpensive.

By cons, should theft, equipment failure undeclared ill places or a gap in housekeeping at your departure and / or non-compliance here, Villas Champêtres without your consent will debit your credit card $ 500 or keep your security deposit the same amount . We will charge you even more if necessary. Respect of the premises is important for all;you, the next tenants and ourselves owners. Thank you for your understanding.

Understand that our goal is that our customers are 100% satisfied with what we offer. We do our utmost best to make your stay more enjoyable. Conversely, we ask the same treatment to our tenants that we offer them. However, we reserve the right to terminate a booking at any time for actions or behaviors that we find unacceptable and goes against the respect that tenants should have towards the staff, the owners or their properties

3 -. Equipment chalet been an inventory which you are responsible. Moreover, all the amenities are privileges that you offer Villas Champêtres. However, these facilities may vary depending on the season and the unexpected.

4 - Check-in is after 16:00 and departures before 11:00. We thank you for respecting these times and leave the premises in the initial state

5 -. Pets are not allowed.(Allergies of the following tenants)

6 - After 22:00, bylaws stipulate quiet and low noise level. We ask that you respect these rules to stay in harmony with the environment that we offer under penalty of the municipality as well as Villas Champêtres. A complaint at this level will result in non-refund of your security deposit.

7 - The Villas Champêtres are offered in a technological environment, in the event that a unit does not work, please notify us and we will ensure the proper functioning of the device. In any case, you can touch the connections and / or son of devices at your disposal

8 -. Villas Champêtres and their owners are not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during your stay rent or omissions personal items. Please check before leave because they will not be returned.

9 - The tenant to notify guests of this non-liability of the landlord. We want you to have fun while fulfilling your responsibilities.

10 - The Villas Champêtres are offered in a smoke free environment

11 -. The spa is offered to you with clean water, it is your duty to keep well in taking a shower before each use. If you want a change of water during your stay, it will result in additional charges. Thank you to bring your own beach towels for this purpose, and especially do not forget.

12 - Before your departure, we ask you to follow certain rules:

-Ensure cleanliness

-Make sure the fire is out of focus ( 09)-Clean and replace the washer

-Replace what you've used the original seats

-Close the spa and cover

-Turn off the lights (interior / exterior)

-Take your waste and / or recovery in stores registrants for this purpose located outside

-Empty all that in wardrobes, freezer / refrigerator.

-Make sure to get all your personal property (09 )

We thank you follow these instructions and your cooperation.

Commodities of the Cottage

Summer activities

Winter activities