Le Willow - Lac Billard et Spa: Cottage for rent Ste-Lucie-des-Laurentides in the Laurentians

Le Willow - Lac Billard et Spa

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Laurentians, Quebec
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Belle-Neige, Mont Blanc, Vallée Bleue
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Club de Golf Alpine
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Last updated on May 29, 2024

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Nestled in the heart of the Laurentians stands an architectural masterpiece, Chalet Willow. This upscale chalet is much more than a mere residence. Every detail, every curve testifies to the perfect alliance between artistic vision and exceptional craftsmanship that guided its creation. Chalet Willow transcends the boundaries between art and habitat, offering an incomparable experience in an exceptional natural setting. Every detail, from the original design to the interior layout, tells a story of artistic and artisanal excellence, creating a haven of peace where aesthetics and comfort harmoniously converge.

Ideally located in Ste-Lucie-des-Laurentides, just 10 minutes from the village of Val-David, this chalet offers a soothing view of a small 6-acre lake, ensuring total tranquility with no construction on the other side of the lake as it is zoned as a wildlife reserve.

The house is adorned with several sculptures by Robert Lachance, scattered throughout the different rooms, offering an enriching artistic experience for art enthusiasts.

The residence features four good-sized bedrooms and two bathrooms, ensuring absolute comfort for its occupants. The ground floor, spacious and open-plan, welcomes guests into a living room that cleverly transforms into a resting area, tv room, dining room, and billiards room, all around a central staircase leading to the garden level. At the back of this immense room with very high ceilings, an exceptional kitchen is revealed, complemented by a large island that invites you to prepare meals without ever losing sight of the surrounding entertainment, as well as a very large terrace for outdoor dining. The master bedroom and the main bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower complete the first level.

Descending to the garden level, whose walls facing the lake are entirely glazed, you will discover a beautiful children's playroom, a foosball table, three other spacious bedrooms, and a second large living room. a second sunny terrace and the relaxing spa await you here for moments of pure well-being. Although wild, the lakefront has been developed for summer swimming. a floating platform offers the perfect spot to bask in the sun or indulge in aquatic pleasures during hot summer days.

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Rates details
The rates displayed on the ad sites are "from" rates because they vary depending on the times of the year, days of the week and the length of the desired stay.

Consult and explore rates for different times of the year on https://location.exitchalets.com/

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Terms and Conditions of the Cottage

1.1 The chalet belongs to the owner the “Owner” and is offered for rent by exitchalets.com operated by Location Exit Chalets Inc., designated as “Manager” as a short-term vacation residence to the applicant (person whose name appears on the “Booking Form” referred to as the “Renter” in accordance with this “Rental Terms and Conditions” document.

1.2 Location Exit Chalets Inc. acts as manager (Manager) for the owner of the chalet (Owner) and does not own and has no responsibility for the upkeep and/or maintenance of the building.

1.2.1 The use of the chalets is subject to the Rules of the House enacted by each of the owners. A specific version is attached to each of the chalets and is available to the Tenant who must read it upon arrival and who is responsible for transmitting the information to all the occupants present during the stay.

1.2.2 The Manager must ensure that the Renter has received, read, understood and accepted the Booking Form, this document (list of Terms and Conditions) before approving the rental.

1.3 This document clarifies the Owner's obligations to the Renter, the Renter's obligations to the Owner and, in the very unlikely event of a dispute, will serve as the basis for resolving the dispute. The Renter is strongly encouraged to read them carefully before confirming his reservation.

1.4 Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions binds a contract between the following two parties: the applicant listed on the Booking Form (the Renter) and the owner of the chalet (the Owner).

1.4.1 By ticking the box “I have read and I accept the general conditions” on the interface of the website EXIT CHALETS, the Tenant understands and accepts that he is entering into a binding contract with the Renter and the Owner in accordance with the Electronic Commerce Act of Quebec. The issuance of a written or electronic confirmation to the Tenant by the Manager completes the links of the contract between the Tenant and the Owner.

1.5 The Tenant represents, warrants, subscribes, acknowledges, accepts and agrees with the Manager and the Owner that he will use the chalet, its land and its equipment in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this agreement as well as with the House Rules and that he does so at his own risk and that he releases the Manager and the Owner from all claims resulting from injury, illness, or death, loss or damage however caused to persons or property of the Tenant , his family, his guests, his visitors, his servants and Managers during or after the occupation time.

1.5.1 In addition, the Renter accepts full responsibility for the use of any recreational equipment and agrees to pay the costs of any repair, damage or replacement of the said equipment if caused by the renter or members of his family, guests , servants and representatives.


Any person listed on the Invoice or subsequently added by the Manager is bound by this Rental Terms and Conditions agreement.


The occupation of the property is limited to the number of people listed on the Invoice.

3.1 The person who completed the Booking Form is considered to be the “Lead” Renter and will assume full responsibility for all members of the group of renters for the duration of the rental.

3.2 Rental information or instructions will be given to the “Lead Renter” only. The latter will be responsible for disseminating this information and instructions to the rest of his group.

3.3 Tenants who have guests on the property in excess of the pre-authorized number (specifically the number mentioned on the Invoice) are subject to immediate eviction without refund or a penalty of $200 (plus tax) per night, per additional guest and the number of people charged will automatically be according to the maximum capacity of the chalet regardless of the number of people actually present, at the discretion of the Owner.

3.4 The stated and agreed number of occupants includes all persons regardless of age and includes day visitors and overnight stays.

3.4.1 It should be noted that everyone, regardless of age, is counted in the number of occupants of the chalet.

3.5 Subletting of the chalet is not permitted. When different groups will occupy the property at different times, a Booking Form must be produced by each of the groups.

3.6 Camps, tents, trailers, trailers or other additional accommodations will not be permitted without the prior agreement issued in writing or electronically by the Manager.

3.7 Arrival time is 5:00 p.m. and departure time is noon.

3.7.1 Arrival and departure times must be respected unless prior arrangements are made with the Manager or the owner.


4.1 The reservation will be confirmed by a Deposit Confirmation notice sent by email by the Manager upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the total rental amount. The balance will be payable one week before the first day of the rental period. However, the Manager reserves the right to refuse a reservation within 48 hours of the Confirmation of deposit. In this case, the amounts already paid will be refunded in full.

4.2 If the Tenant reserves a chalet and there are less than 14 days before the start of the rental period, the total amount of the reservation is due. The reservation will be confirmed only upon receipt of the total amount of the rental.

4.2.1 In order to prevent credit card fraud, if your reservation is made 14 days in advance or less or in the event that we receive an identity mismatch alert from our transactional system, a document Photo ID and proof of your home insurance will be required. Your reservation will only be confirmed upon receipt of these documents. You, as well as all the members of your group, must agree to present an identity document which will be photographed by a member of our team during your presence at the chalet.

4.3 All prices are in Canadian dollars (cad).

4.4 All prizes may be subject to taxes.

4.5 Quebec lodging tax of 3.5%.

4.5.1 gst 5%

4.5.2 qst 9.975%

4.5.3 Admin Fees 5% for credit card processing fee

5. security deposit

5.1 The Head Tenant agrees to pay an amount by credit card as a security deposit. Security deposits vary between $500 and $1,000 depending on the chalet.

5.2 The security deposit may be used, among other things, to pay long distance balances, excess cleaning if the chalet has been returned by the tenant in a condition deemed unsatisfactory, overruns in the use of the wifi Internet specified in the House Rules and any damage caused beyond normal use during the rental period.

5.2.1 The security deposit will also be used to pay any penalties resulting from non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions and the House Rules.

5.3 Receipt of a deposit does not constitute acceptance of said rental.

5.4 Once the Deposit Confirmation is received and accepted by the Manager, the Tenant is required to pay the balance of the rental, plus any additional charges, one week prior to occupation of the Property.

5.4.1 The balance is payable one week before the start of the occupancy period and the tenant accepts that this amount will be debited from his credit card.

5.4.2 a penalty of $25.00 (plus taxes) may be applied if the balance is not paid one week before the start of the occupancy period.

5.4.3 Non-payment of the balance before the start date of occupation will be treated as a cancellation and any deposit paid on booking will be forfeited.

5.5 The Tenant acknowledges and accepts that the security deposit will be refunded within 7 days after the last day of occupancy provided that the Terms and Conditions and the House Rules have been respected. Note that cleaning costs are included in our prices but we ask that the chalet be returned to us clean and tidy.

5.6 The Renter agrees that the Owner uses the security deposit to cover any expense or penalty caused by the Renter.

5.7 If the amount of expenses and penalties exceeds the security deposit, the Renter accepts that the excess will be debited from his credit card.

5.7.1 If the amount of expenses and penalties exceeds the security deposit, the Tenant agrees to cooperate with the owner in any eventual insurance claim.

6. proof of insurance coverage

6.1 The Manager reserves the right to require proof of home and civil liability insurance for each member of the tenant group to ensure that any damage to the property is covered by the Tenant's home insurance.

7. change of accommodation

7.1 a request by the Tenant for alternative accommodation will be approved at the discretion of the Manager if the request is made 30 days prior to the date of occupancy.

7.1.1 There will be an administrative fee of $100.00 (plus tax) for any request for alternative accommodation.

7.2 a request for an alternative rental period from the Tenant (without change of chalet) will be granted at the discretion of the Manager if the request is made 30 days before the original period of occupancy.

7.2.1 There will be an administrative fee of $75.00 (plus tax) for any processing of an alternate occupancy period request.

7.3 In the very unlikely event that the Manager has to change a confirmed reservation, the Manager must do its best to provide alternative accommodation of similar type, location, cost and standard to the original chalet.

7.3.1 If the accommodation alternative is not acceptable or no property is available, the Manager will refund any monies paid by the Tenant. Any additional costs are the responsibility of the Renter.

8. cancellation

8.1 Cancellations of reservations made through a distribution channel (such as Airbnb, vrbo, Booking, etc.) are subject to the cancellation policies specific to those channels. We invite you to refer to the specific conditions of the channel through which you made your reservation in order to obtain more information regarding cancellation procedures.

8.2 Cancellations of reservations made via the exit chalets website must be made in writing or by email to the Manager. Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking for reservations made more than 14 days in advance. We strongly recommend that you purchase your own travel insurance for your protection.

8.3 Guests must cancel at least 60 days prior to arrival to receive a 100% refund for all nights, less a 10% processing fee.

8.4 Guests must cancel at least 30 days prior to arrival to receive a 50% refund for all nights. If a guest cancels less than 30 days prior to arrival, you will be charged 100% for all nights.

8.5 Once a reservation has been accepted by the Manager, it can only be transferred to another chalet by treating the original reservation as a cancellation. The terms of clauses 8.2 and 8.3 apply.

8.6 Reservation dates for the same property may be changed subject to availability and the approval of the Owner.

8.7 There will be no refund for late arrivals and/or early departures or for any unused service.

8.8 It is possible, at any time, to increase the number of occupants, up to the maximum occupancy of the rented chalet. The minimum required to book a stay is 2 nights, including for your guests staying only one night.

8.9 Seven days or more before the occupancy date, the number of occupants may be reduced resulting in a deduction from the remaining amount on the invoice.

8.10 For administrative reasons, the number of occupants cannot be reduced less than seven days before the occupancy date. No reduction will be made to the balance of the invoice.

9. representation

9.1 The information contained in any printed documents, photographs, Website, etc. is believed to be accurate at the time of publication.

9.2 The Manager reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary to more accurately reflect the reality of the property.

9.3 The Manager gives no guarantee as to the condition of the chalet and accepts no responsibility for negligence or default on the part of the Owner.

9.4 Boats, motors, tv screens, dvd players, spas, saunas and other such equipment are provided at the Owner's discretion as additional options for the Renter.

9.4.1 Although everything is done to ensure the proper functioning of this equipment and other devices for the Tenant's stay, if a breakage occurs during the period of occupation, neither the Manager nor the Owner will take the responsibility to replace or reimburse the Tenant for loss of enjoyment of these elements.

9.5 The Tenant must notify the Manager as soon as possible of any damaged or non-functional equipment.

9.5.1 The Manager will make every effort to ensure that repairs are carried out as quickly as possible.

9.5.2 Although everything is done to ensure that all advertised equipment and appliances are in working order at the beginning of the occupancy period, no rate reduction, rebate or reimbursement will be made for mechanical breakdowns of air conditioners. , dishwashers, washers, dryers, televisions and other non-essential appliances. Basic equipment refers to the water supply system, plumbing, electrical system, major appliances such as refrigerator and stove.

9.6 Neither the Manager nor the Owner accepts responsibility for changes in weather, changes in water level or conditions of neighboring chalets.

10. winter access to cottages

10.1 All chalets offered for rent have road access during the winter months and benefit from snow removal by the municipality or by private contractors.

10.1.1 However, the Tenant is advised that the snow removal services open the roads in a predetermined order.

10.1.1 However, the Tenant is advised that the snow removal services open the roads in a predetermined order. So, following a major snowfall, access to a chalet may be delayed for a few hours.

10.1.2 In the unlikely event that the Tenant cannot leave the property on the scheduled date, the Tenant will not be charged additional accommodation.

10.1.3 In the unlikely event that the Tenant cannot reach the property on the scheduled date, the Tenant will be reimbursed for the accommodation costs corresponding to the day(s) that the chalet will be inaccessible. However, neither the Manager nor the Owner will be held liable for any loss, additional expenses or penalties incurred as a result of not being able to reach or leave the chalet in due time.

10.2 The Tenant is advised to ensure that he and his vehicle are properly prepared for winter driving and the conditions that they will certainly encounter during their visit to the Laurentians.

11. condition of ownership - house rules

11.1 The Tenant is expected to return the chalet to the same condition as he finds it on his arrival and is responsible for putting away the rooms, accessories and furniture before his departure as well as placing garbage and recycling (suitably sorted) in the appropriate outer containers.

11.2 The Manager or the owner will forward the list of House Rules by email and there is a paper version in the chalet.

11.2.1 This document shall be deemed to form part of this Booking Terms and Conditions agreement and the Renter shall comply with the instructions and information contained therein. If the Tenant does not find the list of House Rules when he arrives at the chalet, he must notify the Manager so that he can obtain it.

11.3 The Tenant agrees to read and comply with the House Rules as well as the instructions posted in the chalet and to use the chalet's inventory and equipment in a safe and responsible manner.

11.4 The Tenant must comply with the Rental Terms and Conditions, the House Rules and any other instructions contained in the individual chalets or which will be provided by the Manager or the Owner.

11.5 The property will have been inspected before the beginning of the occupation therefore, the Tenant undertakes to:

11.5.1 Notify the Manager immediately of any damage or maintenance issue which requires attention.

11.5.2 Maintain all furniture, fixtures, fittings, movable property and effects inside and outside the chalet in the same condition as they were found at the start of the occupancy period.

11.5.3 Replace any part of the property, its furniture, fixtures, fittings, movable property and effects which are damaged or destroyed with similar items of equivalent value or, if the Owner so requires, pay the Owner the value of said destroyed or damaged portions of property.

11.5.4 Pay the penalty of $150.00 (plus taxes) for the spa not having been used properly and according to the Owner's instructions, forcing the latter to proceed with unusual treatment.

11.6 The Renter shall follow the departure procedure provided by the Owner in the House Rules. The Tenant must also make sure to close all the windows before leaving. Leaving one or more windows open will incur a charge of $50.00.

11.7 The Tenant must leave the chalet in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which he found it.

11.7.1 Failure to comply with this instruction to the satisfaction of the Manager and the Owner, the Tenant is liable to additional cleaning costs.

12. access

12.1 The Owner and/or the Manager must have access to the chalet at all reasonable times during the period of occupancy.

13. security

13.1 The Tenant undertakes to take all reasonable precautions in the use of the chalet and the property.

13.2 The renter acknowledges that he is responsible for his own safety, that of his family, friends, visitors, guests, servants and representatives.

13.3 The Tenant acknowledges and agrees that the lake, where there is one, is not supervised by any lifeguard or other such person and that, therefore, the use of the lake by the Tenant and his guests is at their own discretion. risk.

13.3.1 The Renter shall not allow anyone to swim or operate a boat or any other craft under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

13.3.2 For obvious security reasons, fireworks are strictly prohibited. The Tenant must not allow anyone to light fireworks or wick firecrackers. Failure to comply with this clause automatically results in the eviction of the Tenant and his group as well as a penalty of $500 which will be deducted from the security deposit. The Tenant represents, warrants, subscribes, recognizes, accepts and agrees that he is responsible for paying any fines issued by the municipality resulting from the use of fireworks or wick firecrackers. These fines range between $600.00 and $4,000.00 plus legal fees.

13.4 The Manager shall not be liable for any damage, loss or expense arising out of or in connection with the use of the rental property or the non-use thereof. Exitchalets.com operated by Location Exit Chalets Inc. cannot be held liable for damages, losses, or other remedies exceeding the value of the rental.

13.5 The Renter acknowledges that the Manager and the Owner are covered against any loss, claim or other recourse, demands, costs or expenses suffered by the Renter or anyone using the chalet or the property in connection with the rental of the chalet.

13.6 As a security measure, several of our chalets have exterior security cameras against theft. They are directed outwards from access points to the chalet only.

14. refund

14.1 If a break should occur in a fundamental element such as the water supply system, the plumbing, the electrical system, major appliances such as the refrigerator or the stove, every effort will be made to repair or replace them, an appropriate refund will be offered to the Renter as compensation for the inconvenience.

14.1.1 This compensation does not apply to damage caused by misuse such as a blockage caused by improper use of sanitary facilities.

14.2 The Owner is not responsible and will not provide any reimbursement for any power failure resulting from a weather event or other circumstances beyond its control.

14.3 Similarly, there will be no refunds for inclement weather, change in water level or changes in neighboring cottages or any natural nuisance resulting from cottage life such as mosquitoes or animal population.

15. internet service

the chalet comes with unlimited high speed internet service and Wifi access. This service cannot be guaranteed by the Owner. Certain environmental conditions can disturb or even interrupt the signal.

16. age restriction

16.1 The Tenant is advised that, unless otherwise agreed with the Manager or the Owner, the average age of the adults in his group must be over 28 years old. Failure to comply with this clause automatically results in expulsion without refund.

17. noise

17.1 All chalets have a zero tolerance policy for loud parties.

17.2 The Tenant will only use the property for vacation purposes and not to hold loud parties.

17.3 The curfew is at 10 p.m.

17.3.1 The Tenant or any member of his group will not play music and will keep a minimum volume of voice outside between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. out of respect for the neighborhood. At all times, even during the day, we ask out of respect for the neighborhood of all our chalets, to keep a level of vocal and musical noise at a reasonable level.

17.4 If the Manager or the Owner discovers or receives noise complaints and someone has to come to notify the Tenant, a fee of $100 (plus tax) per visit will be charged. It is therefore strongly recommended that the Tenant be reachable at all times by telephone.

17.4.1 After a third visit by the Manager or the Owner or their representative, the Tenant will be evicted without reimbursement and a penalty of $500.00 will be deducted from the security deposit to compensate the inconvenienced neighbors.

17.4.2 If the Manager or the Owner receives a noise complaint from the police, the Tenant will be automatically evicted, without reimbursement and a penalty of $500.00 will be deducted from the security deposit to compensate the inconvenienced neighbors.

18. smoke

18.1 Smoking is prohibited inside all chalets.

18.1.1 Cottages may have their own restrictions and instructions regarding smoking on the property. These restrictions and instructions are listed in the House Rules document.

18.2 The Tenant has the right to smoke outside the chalets. a penalty of $500.00 (plus taxes) will be deducted from the security deposit if it is discovered that you have smoked inside.

19. pets

19.1 Animals are permitted in certain chalets if they are indicated on the Invoice and approved by the Manager or the Owner.

19.2 Bringing or allowing a pet to be in a cottage without the Manager's written approval results in immediate eviction without refund and the Tenant may be charged a penalty of $350.00 (plus taxes).

19.3 The Manager takes no responsibility for allergies or other conditions which may arise in a chalet whether it is indicated as “pet free” or not.

19.3.1 Although a chalet has a policy of refusing pets it is not guaranteed that any animal has visited the property in the past.

19.4 Unless otherwise indicated in the various advertisements, pets are not allowed in the cabins. Even in cabins where pets are allowed, number, species and breed restrictions may apply.

19.5 Where an animal is permitted, all evidence of its presence must be removed from the property at the end of the occupancy period under penalty of a fine

19.6 Animals are prohibited on furniture, including beds. If pet hair is discovered on the furniture or bedding, the Tenant may be charged for excess cleaning.

19.7 The Renter acknowledges that neither the Manager nor the Owner accepts any responsibility with regard to any animal or any action of said animal.

19.8 Visitors to the Tenant are not permitted to bring any pet onto the Property without the written permission of the Manager or the Landlord.

19.9 In addition, the Tenant will comply with any municipal by-law and will assume any permit expenses, fines or damage caused by the animal.

20. keys

20.1 The Tenant agrees to return the keys to the chalet according to the instructions contained in the

20.2 The Tenant will have to pay a fee of $25.00 (plus taxes) if he does not return the keys or does not return the keys within the time agreed with the Manager or the Owner.

21. lost or forgotten items

21.1 In the event that the Tenant forgets an item at the chalet, he must inform the Manager as soon as possible.

21.2 The Manager shall diligently attempt to find the item and send it to the Tenant according to the latter's instructions.

21.3 The Renter will pay all transportation costs in addition to a handling fee of $25.00 (plus taxes).

22. electronic commerce laws

22.1 By selecting the box “i have read and i accept the terms and conditions” in the interface of the Website exit chalets the tenant understands and accepts that he is entering into a legally binding contract in accordance with the Law concerning the legal framework of information technologies.

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