O Sommet Bleu: Cottage for rent Morin-Heights in the Laurentians

O Sommet Bleu

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Laurentians, Quebec
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Ski hill:
Mont Saint-Sauveur, Morin Heights
Golf course:
Club de Golf le Balmoral
Reserved dates
Last updated on May 25, 2024

Cottage Description

Magnificent new chalet, construction 2023.

Thermal experience directly on site with spa, dry sauna and hammam. Relaxation room, immersion in nature with large windows and the magnificent terrace. Inside and outside there is a fireplace to optimize relaxation. This chalet can comfortably accommodate 12 people in its 5 bedrooms. Both living rooms have smart TVs connected to Fibe internet. Its open concept kitchen is perfect for welcoming your whole group, also equipped with a BBQ during the summer season.

To better entertain you, we have provided a table football/soccer table and a ping-pong table. Located very close to the adventure and cross-country ski trails, this chalet will make you happy in summer and winter alike. The fall season is even more sublime at the O Sommet Bleu chalet. Are you lacking inspiration for your outdoor activities? Do not hesitate to consult our website for the list of activities nearby: https://www.chaletspanature.com/fr/news

Layout of rooms and beds

Bedroom 1 - 2 single beds

Bedroom 2 - 2 single beds

Bedroom 3 - 2 single beds

Bedroom 4 - 2 queen beds

Bedroom 5 - 1 king bed

CITQ : 317031

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Chalet Spa Nature
(877) 309-7347
Renting fees
Regular rates:
1 night
1 nights (Weekend)
Renting fees
Rental rates are in: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Regular rates:
1 night
2 nights
3 nights
4 nights
5 nights
6 nights
1 nights
2 nights
3 nights
7 nights

None available

Terms and Conditions of the Cottage
Terms & Conditions

Upon arrival at the property, the tenant acknowledges having found the cottage in perfect condition and declares to be satisfied.

The tenant is responsible for the rented property and its contents. Moreover, it assumes the full responsibility of those to whom he makes it available. Occupants that the tenant permits must behave in a respectful manner and so as not to disturb the peace of other residents and other nearby buildings. Finally, the tenant is responsible for the peaceful and normal enjoyment of the property.

The tenant declares renting the property for purposes of pleasure, or holidays.

The tenant is responsible for all expenses without any deduction, including the loss of service if using the property for purposes other than those mentioned above.

Any music or sounds that can be heard outside of the property is prohibited, particularly between 23h pm and 7h am.

In any case, the landlord can not be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred by the tenant as a result of accident, delays, costs incurred , injury, or death resulting from fortuitous events or force majeure and beyond the control of the landlord. The landlord will not be subject to claims or court action relating to such loss or damage.

The landlord will not be held responsible for any interruption beyond its control such as electric utilities, running water or cable service .

The landlord is not responsible for damage, loss or theft in regards of personal belongings of the tenant and his guests.

Bags of hardwood logs can be purchase at the property for 10$. Please confirm the number of packets during booking and add it to your payment.

(For Blue Moose Property, blue bear and merle bleu : Access to Fiddlers recreation facilities,pool and tennis center, are not included with the rental of this property)

Tenants Engagements

Respect property maximum occupancy in all time.

At his departure, leave the premises, property, land, furniture and accessories in the same condition as on arrival and at their original location. A surcharge will be added by the tenant if the landlord finds that the cleanliness of the property is unsatisfactory. More over, an amount of $ 100 will be charged if the cleanliness of the SPA water was significantly reduced during the stay. The spa lid, when not used, must be fixed with the clips. The landlord must immediately be advised in case of any temperature drop of the spa or any malfunctioning.

All trashes must be placed in the exterior waste disposable containers . All dishes must be cleaned and dishwasher started. An amount of 50$ will be charged if not respected.

To hold no great evening or ” party ” inside the rented property home that exceeds the capacity of the cottage .

To comply with this lease. Non-compliance of the contract may result in costs that will be assessed at the discretion of the landlord. The non- fulfillment of the contract entitles the landlord to evict the tenant and his guests immediately terminating this lease. In this case, the landlord will retain any sum that has been paid and maintain any action against the tenant if damage was caused or if furniture or accessories are missing.

Use furniture and objects furnishing the rented property at which they are intended and in the place they are intended to be. It is forbidden to carry them outside the property.

To notify the landlord when the tenant becomes aware of a defect and / or failure of equipment or furniture. Any abusive or not attributable to normal wear and tear of the building and its furniture causing tasks , breakage or defects will be repaired or replaced at the expanse of the tenant.

Not to throw anything in the sinks, laundries, toilets, bathtubs and showers to obstruct pipes, failing which, the costs for the return to service will be fully charged to the tenant.

Do not smoke inside in any time.

To give the landlord access to the property, at all times, as to inspect the premises and to perform urgent and necessary work.

Do not let any animals of all kinds inside the house. Pets are strictly prohibited.

Do not make outside fires only in the designated areas .Any negligence in this regard resulting in a partial or total loss exposes the tenant to court action.

All properties are supplied with water from a well . The water flow and capacity can provide water according to the property guests capacity. Abusive water consumption and or non-compliance with the number of guest capacity could result in drying of the well and therefore significant damage and fees. Thank you for using water carefully.

Fireworks are strictly forbidden in all times.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellation more than 60 days prior to arrival, your deposit will be refunded less 4% credit card fee.

Cancellation between 60 and 30 days before the arrival date: 50% of the deposit will be remitted less 4% credit card fee. The credit will be issued only when the property is re-rented.

Cancellation less than 30 days before date of arrival: no amount will be refunded.

Commodities of the Cottage

Summer activities
Winter activities