Chimo Cottage

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Laurentians, Quebec
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Mont Avila, Mont Gabriel, Mont Olympia, Mont Saint-Sauveur, Morin Heights


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Last updated on November 29, 2021

Cottage Description

Chimo Refuge Treehouse Resort is a beautiful secluded holiday home with direct access to Chimo Refuge Holiday Center.

Weekend Rentals - Weekly - Monthly ($ 425 / night - Negotiable) Benefit price for longer stays.

The house is located on a mountain - Exceptional view -

- Snowshoe trails on site

- Sliding on the hill

- 7 minutes from 5 Ski Centers (St-Sauveur-Avila-Olympia-Morin-Heights-Gabriel)

- 7 minutes to 3 Nordic Spas (Polar Bear, Amerispa, Ofuro)

- 5 minutes from the Village of St-Sauveur (restaurants, shops)

A flawless stay Chimo Cottage is perfect for a peaceful place to spend pleasant moments. relaxation; fun activities; purchasing; to eat.

This beautiful, rustic house has a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, 5 bedrooms, three bathrooms, porch, living room with stone fireplace.

Ideal for families and team building events!

In addition, it has a private indoor jacuzzi for your relaxing moments and an in-ground pool with a large patio.


- 5 bedrooms

- 3.5 bathrooms

- Fully equipped kitchen

- Jacuzzi

- Veranda

- Large outdoor spaces

- Free WIFI

- Netflix Free

What to bring:

- Shampoo and soap

- Food

- Sheets / pillows are included in the rental cost

Minimum stay of 2 nights the rest of the year


Maximum Occupancy: 14

* Cleaning fee: $ 100 / stay

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Contact Cottage Owner

Chimo Refuges Inc.
KEITH KUBECK Tracy Boccini

Renting fees

Regular rates:
2 nights
3 nights
4 nights
5 nights
2 nights (Weekend)
7 nights

Renting fees

Rental rates are in: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Regular rates:
1 night
2 nights
3 nights
4 nights
5 nights
6 nights
1 nights
2 nights
3 nights
7 nights


None available


Terms and Conditions of the Cottage


The person who requested and paid for the reservation must request the modification or cancellation in writing.

No modification is possible if the reason is due to bad weather (rain, snow, extreme temperatures), traffic etc ...

Chimo Refuges Inc. reserves the right to refuse any modification of any reservation for any reason whatsoever, at any time, made less than 2 weeks before the client's arrival.

Chimo Refuges Inc. is not responsible for changing weather conditions.

Cold or hot weather does not warrant any modification request.

Chimo Refuges is not responsible for calculation errors in shared custody schedules.

Chimo Refuges reserves the right to refuse any credit for future stays due to scheduling problems.

Chimo Refuges is not responsible for the dissolution of relations.

Any cancellation request 14 days before the date of arrival, the entire deposit / payment will be forfeited.

Failure of guests to arrive for their reservation for any reason at any time, will forfeit the full deposit / payment.

Cancellations or changes to all reservations are non-refundable, a credit note will be issued to the guest for use later within one year from the original reservation date.

A no-show or late arrival will not be credited at any time.

All facilities are subject to availability and conditions. Chimo Refuges Inc. is not responsible for any packaging components or recreational opportunities made unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control (these include power outages, limitations due to a pandemic, inclement weather or inclement weather, or whatever is considered an `` act of God ''). Certain usage limitations may apply.

Any modification of reservations approved in writing by Chimo Refuges Inc. will be subject to the availability and the exclusive discretion of Chimo Refuges Inc.


Any credit note issued by Chimo Refuges is valid for 1 year from the original date of the stay.

Once the reservation is rescheduled, no changes are allowed to this reservation.

No credit will be offered following this new reservation.


Please note that our regular reservation and cancellation policy is in effect for all reservations and NO exceptions will be made.

The only change to this policy concerns the closure of Chimo Refuges or our activities by the government. In this case, the reservations concerned will be issued a gift voucher for 100% of the amount of their reservation, valid for 1 year.

This special exception applies only in the case of our forced closure, and no other case.

Before booking, we suggest that you make sure that you are able to transfer your booking to a friend or family member in the event that you cannot travel, feel uncomfortable, your area is closed, you or someone in your party is sick, your vacation dates are changed or some other reason.

As a small business, we do our best to adapt to difficult times and follow recommendations from government and tourism associations, but cannot be held responsible for individual situations.

Reservations taken in conjunction with an event, and that event is canceled due to COVID-19:

Written proof of event cancellation must be submitted by the event organizer.

It will be up to the management of Chimo Refuges Inc. to determine the validity of the cancellation.

If a credit note is approved, it will be in writing and said credit note will be valid for 1 year from the date of the original reservation.

There is no refund offered.

In the event of compulsory closure nationwide:

All reservations will be canceled and credit notes will automatically be issued to all reservation holders.

There will be no expiration date for these credit notes.

There is no refund offered.

Commodities of the Cottage

Summer activities

Winter activities