Entre Cimes et Rivage: Cottage for rent Chertsey in Lanaudiere

Entre Cimes et Rivage

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Lanaudiere, Quebec
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Water access:
Lac Brûlé
Ski hill:
Montcalm, Forêt Ouareau
Golf course:
Club de Golf Montcalm, Rawdon
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Last updated on May 28, 2024

Cottage Description

Located 1 hour from Montreal, the Chalet Entre Cimes et Rivage welcomes you to the calm and beauty of nature. Sheltered from neighbors by its large lot on the mountainside and its mature trees, the chalet allows you to have a good time in peace.


- 6-seater spa with panoramic view of the lake (4 seasons)

- Large terrace

- Patio set and lounge chairs

- BBQ (4 seasons)

- Outdoor fireplace (wood not provided)

- Private dock

- Watercraft (June 1 to October 1)

- Double kayak

- Pedalo

- Rowboat


- Gas fireplace

- FHD TV with satellite receiver

- Blu-ray player

- Bluetooth-enabled soundbar

- Wi-Fi internet

- Full kitchen (2 fridges)

- Dishwasher

- Nespresso coffee maker ($)

- Electric fondue set

- Washer, dryer

- Air conditioning

- Bedding and towels

- Top quality mattresses and pillows

Three themed rooms will charm you with their comfort and soothing decor. Whether it is the Observatory (master bedroom), the Outdoors or the Nautical, each of them will offer you softness and elegance.

The master bedroom and the bathroom were completely renovated in November 2020 as part of the show Vie de chalet broadcast in May 2021.

Located halfway between Rawdon and Chertsey, you will find all the necessary services less than 15 minutes from the chalet: Grocery store, pharmacy, bakery, pastry shop, butcher, SAQ, restaurants, gas station.

Whether for a week or just a weekend, the Chalet Entre Cimes et Rivage is the place you need to have a good time with family, friends or lovers.

Looking forward to welcoming you !

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Chalet Entre Cimes et Rivage
Mathieu Dansereau
(438) 869-6521
(438) 869-6522
Renting fees
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2 nights
3 nights
4 nights
5 nights
2 nights (Weekend)
3 nights (Weekend)
7 nights
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Renting fees
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None available

Terms and Conditions of the Cottage
“Building Regulations”

- Supervision of children is the full responsibility of the tenant. He will take care not to leave them unattended on the site and on the lakeside terrace.

- It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the chalet. If smoke odors or traces of cigarettes are detected in the chalet, a cleaning fee will be deducted from the deposit.

- It is forbidden to set up a tent on the chalet grounds.

- Exterior lights must be limited to the prescribed location.

- For security reasons, it is forbidden to burn candles in the chalet.

- In order to ensure the tranquility of the residents, you are requested not to make noise before 9am or after 10pm. For this same reason, fireworks are prohibited.

- Excessive noise (music, party, shouting, etc.) is not tolerated at all times on the site under penalty of expulsion.

- External radios are prohibited.

- The use of firearms is prohibited on the site.

- When you leave, please ensure that you do not leave any personal items in the chalet (including: garbage cans, food and empty bottles).

- Garbage must be put in plastic garbage bags. These bags must be tightly closed and placed in the large black bin outside the chalet.

- Recyclable products (plastic, glass, paper) must be placed in the large blue bin outside the chalet.

- The breaking of one of these rules will lead to the immediate cancellation of the rental contract.

Regulations related to the use of the rowboat and fishing

- Only a 12V electric motor can be used with the boat. Gasoline engines are prohibited.

- It is the responsibility of the renter to hold a valid boat license if the rowboat is used with an electric motor and a valid fishing license to fish.

Spa Rules

- After 10:00 p.m., silence is required outside to ensure the tranquility of the premises.

- The maximum number of occupants in the spa is six (6). Beyond that, the spa would overflow, and when bathers exit, the skimmer would be exposed to the open air, thus damaging the pumps;

- It is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink or eat in the spa.

- The cover must be correctly replaced after each use of the spa.

- Do not use the bottom drains as a step to enter or exit the spa. In the event of a break in one of the bottom drains, immediately stop using the spa and notify the owner as soon as possible.

- Do not use the arrows to change the temperature. The spa is set at 100°F. To be used only to lower the temperature in case of discomfort if the spa is too hot.

- Please shower before entering the spa. Cream, sand and other dirt quickly degrade water quality. Keeping the water clean ensures your well-being and minimizes the maintenance required on your part (see maintenance section). For your information, 2 bathers in a spa are equivalent to 20 bathers in a 21-foot above-ground pool.

- People with long hair are asked to tie it up.

- When starting, make sure the blue float is in the water.

- Please notify the owners if the water level is low. The normal water level is approximately 1 inch below the head restraints.

- Access to the spa is prohibited for children under 12 years old. Children between 12 and 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Regulations at the Quay

- Diving is strictly prohibited, as the depth at the end of the dock is only about 4 feet and the bottom is rocky.

Commodities of the Cottage

Summer activities
Winter activities