Paris-based architect Matalie Crasset has created four models of woodland cabins (above is the Nichoir version) that are small eco-friendly structures located along the Vent des forêts, a 45 km-long network of footpaths strewn with contemporary artwork in the Lorraine region of France.

The woodland cabins can be rented between May and September for a stay at the Vent des forêts.

The main focus of these dwellings is to allow occupants to truly be one with nature.

They were designed and constructed according the the strictest sustainable development principles and they are foundationless, which allows to relocate them at will with minimal impact on their surroundings.

They are constructed around a galvanized steel structure using acacia and Douglas fir.

All models of the Woodland cabins are equipped with a fireplace, gas lighting a compost toilet and a water source outside the cabin.

The first two models were completed and inaugurated in May 2013. This modèle is called La Noisette and was designed for optimal observation of deer and wild boar.

The other models, La Chrysalide and Le Champignon, are currently under construction.

A Noisette woodland cabin under construction.

Shown here is Le Nichoir, designed for bird watching. Details on renting these cabins can be found here.

© PHOTO : Camille Gresset, Camille Hofgaertner
© Matali Crasset

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