Very Scandinavian, this style brings light, calm and intimacy. This veranda is perfect as a workspace.

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We love the verandas because it brings light, the view and the feeling of enjoying the outdoors without being there. The possibilities are almost endless depending on the vocation we want to give to this extra room. Whether for a summer kitchen, a dining room, a place to relax with couches and swings and why not, a work space for those who need to escape from the city to find calm and inspiration!

Everything works for this rustic and warm veranda, from the choice of materials to the decoration.

Source: Archizine

Rustic or sophisticated, three seasons or year-round, the verandas must be a pleasant and beautiful place. This is why the extension of the cottage must harmonize with the latter, even when the style is more audacious or if the material chosen is not the same as that of the cottage.

A beautiful harmony between the extension and this country house. Source: Pinmig

Ideally, a custom veranda remains the most beautiful option and adapted to our needs. Of course, it requires more work and money, plans from an architect, and the execution of the work by a general contractor. Perhaps it is worth the cost since such a construction necessarily brings an added value to the resale.

One of our favourites. This veranda is a large mosquito room with a fireplace. A project signed Atelier Thibault. Photo: Alain Laforest

Some companies also offer verandas or prefabricated solariums. The choice is varied as well as its price. Depending on the style of your cottage, it is quite possible to find the perfect layout without embarking on major work.

Ideally, we prefer a southeast orientation to enjoy the light from the morning until the afternoon. This avoids overheating since exposure to the south is not direct. It is also necessary to study the place where the veranda will be built so that there is no risk of movements of ground. If leveling and grading work is required, the bill may increase considerably.

Build a veranda


Before starting any construction, a study of municipal regulations is essential not to have any bad surprises. Whether permanent or temporary, a permit will be required and the construction must comply with the Building Code in which a section is devoted to the rules for the construction of a conservatory / solarium.

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The most used material remains aluminum. It is robust, durable, recyclable, and requires little maintenance. As for wood, it is 100% ecological, naturally insulating and gives a warm touch to your chalet. It remains a noble and expensive material. It requires painting work every 2-3 years. Wrought iron adapts to all styles of cottage, roof, shape and hue. Very robust, it is a material that is expensive and requires more maintenance, especially for rust. Finally, PVC is an economical solution but less durable and less solid.

Aluminum veranda - Photo: Xavier Boymond


A conservatory also optimizes the insulation of your chalet by creating an airlock between outside and inside. To avoid overheating in the summer and winter heat loss in the conservatory, make good decisions about the orientation of the porch, the choice of material for its structure, and maximize the thermal insulation roof and glazing. Unless you keep a very simple, natural veranda with mosquito nets, you choose, for example, wood that is more insulating than PVC or steel. For the glass, we can choose double thermal glazing with UV treatment.

Rather rustic and simple, it feels like being outside.
Source: Archizine


To regulate the humidity and the temperature, simple fans could suffice. If your budget allows, you can install a powerful ventilation system. Especially, if you plan to use your porch as a kitchen. But between us, a natural ventilation remains more pleasant...

Very modern and sophisticated, this veranda hosts a well equipped summer kitchen. Source: Archizine


Everything depends on the use you make of your veranda, you can either connect to the central heating system of the cottage, install a wood stove or photovoltaic solar panels. Winter in the veranda with a big blanket in the couch, and the fire crackling, it's still magic!

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