The Solair chair: an outdoor classic to colour your summer at the cottage

The Solair chair is a symbol of the 70s, it will remind you without doubt the exterior of the hotels of that time. This is a Quebec creation that has traced its route from motel to motel through Canada and the United States to Miami! The trend is now back and updated as many professionals in the design world rediscover in it a key element in the history of industrial design in Quebec. Preview of a chair like no other.

Its History

Originally from Montreal, the Solair chair was created on a weekend in 1972 by industrial designers Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini. The latter had been mandated to make a chair for the front of motels for the company IPL, a manufacturer of plastic parts. To do this, the cost of production had to be low and the chair had to be able to withstand the weather badly while leaving the water filtering and resisting the cold Quebec. This limited the maintenance required and made the purchase cost that remained low.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

At the cottage...

Regaining its popularity of the past, the Solair out of the motels and is found in the exterior design of our cottages to give a retro-modern touch to our decorations. It has its place in the backyard and on the edge of the pool and offers incomparable comfort thanks to its unique shell made of high-density polyethylene. In addition, the maintenance is very easy and its minimalist design effortlessly combines comfort and style. It will undoubtedly attract great interest from your visitors.

Source: Architectural Digest

Source: Architectural Digest

How to get it

The Solair is a major piece when we think about the history of industrial design in Quebec and despite its timeless look and appeal, it remains difficult to find. Still made in Canada, it is now produced by Émile Lachance Industries in Saint-Damien, Quebec. The available colours are: orange, yellow, white, beige, black, aqua-blue, bright pink, lime green and gray.

Solair chair at Émile Lachance Industries.

It is also available at Léo Victor on the south shore of Montreal.

Source: Flickr

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