8 attentions for your tenants for the best cottage rental

The small attentions, as innocuous as they are, sometimes make tenants decide in favour of one cottage rather than another. Notably, a list of your favourite places to eat in the area, a good coffee maker or quality bath towels promise a more comfortable stay. On a larger scale, spending on good quality outdoor equipment is proving to be a particularly winning strategy. Some owners see it as an opportunity to monetize the rental of their equipment.

Here are some ideas to stand out in the competitive cottage rental market:

Offer local products

The famous gift basket on the counter makes happy. However, it is not clear that some owners see an opportunity to pass unwanted gifts or products that have been hanging around for a long time in their cabinets. Fail! In contrast, the welcome basket should present a selection of your regional pride: the small jam of the neighbour's garden, the nearby coffee roaster, the lavender soap handmade in the area, the cheese from the local farm or the cider from the orchard next door. These small attentions that can be brought home will make you the talk and perhaps become your trademark!

Put entertainment and utilities at disposal to facilitate the family stay

If you have the chance to get some toys for children in a chest, puzzles, even disguises, you will make little ones, very happy. The toy box will remain forever etched in their memories. Complement your shelves with board games by taking care to have some classics and some new ones that the whole family will want to try. In practical terms, put a high chair in one of your wardrobes to accommodate parents of young children. On classified ads, it's easy to find those extras and to make a gentle note for your tenants called: Entertainment and Utilities for the whole family.

Get good quality sheets and towels

Adjusting the bedding according to the seasons is certainly a welcome attention of all. Put light cotton sheets in summer and flannel sheets in the fall until March. At all times, be sure to provide warmer blankets that your guests can add to the bedding if they are cold. Large, thick bath towels will also please your visitors. Plan a separate set for your beach towels. Prefer bright colours and patterns for this set.

Provide snowshoes, bicycles and other outdoor equipment

If your cottage is near snowshoe trails, bike paths, a lake or the sea, outdoor equipment is a great incentive. With reason to assume the wear of the objects lent! In winter, snowshoes and cross-country skis have the palm. In summer, bicycles, canoes and paddle boards are gaining popularity, not to mention life jackets. Some owners even offer the rental of their equipment in exchange for an extra. At this time, tenants benefit from the lock code of the rebate in exchange for a surplus. If several visitors are willing to rent outdoor equipment for their holidays, it will be even easier for them to get it directly to the cottage.

Create a personalized map of your favourite places in the region

The brochures of places to visit in your area are good, but nothing equals a personalized map / list of your favourite restaurants, parks, trails, grocery stores, local markets, farms and art galleries. Your visitors will certainly appreciate this information from a local. Do not forget to personally sign your card / list.

Equip your cottage with a good coffee maker

Most of your future tenants already dream of a good coffee on your terrace, near the lake or the fireplace. Equipping yourself with a good coffee maker that allows holidaymakers to make their coffee as they like adds value to their stay. Prevent cups made of enamel, ceramic or glass and avoid those plastic cups. Avoid the well-know packets of refined white sugar, just like coffee of poor quality. If you are lucky enough to offer locally roasted coffee, your tenants will certainly appreciate the discovery of a good local product.

Finally, all these little attentions have the power to bring you a repeat customer and make some very good word-of-mouth recommendations. Your visitors will certainly tell their colleagues, friends and families. Moreover, accommodation is one of the topics most discussed during a discussion about vacations. But first, be sure to show this added value clearly on your rental listing! Visibility on the web remains the # 1 factor in cottage rentals.

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